How working with Jessica transformed our lives

“We're a creative family of four with many interests and belongings. I was pretty nervous to have someone come in and go through my stuff, but she made the process so easy and enjoyable and also offered many space-saving suggestions I'd never considered. We went through every item together, deciding to send it to trash, recycle, donate or e-waste. She installed hooks and bins, made new space for everything and, best of all, hauled all the junk away that same day! Jessica is thorough, fast, and has a vision for creating functional spaces. Having her organize with me created accountability and helped me see my items rationally instead of emotionally, which made it easier to let go of. Her services are worth every penny!”
Alana M
“When I retired, purging was the first item on my to-do list. A friend recommended Jessica so we felt ready to tackle an entire house project. I felt nervous but after 80+ bags and boxes were cleared from our house (including sentimental belongings, books, frames, sports equipment, old technology and stale, dated products ), we all felt so renewed. The “cleansing” of our home allowed us to consider how to fill it with important things - new memories, new friends and more family. Jessica was a delight to work with -her lack of judgement and mounds of common sense made the time fly by and helped make the process less daunting. She is a worker bee and sets the pace for a busy but fun day. She also has a great eye for hanging art and rearranging rooms. Our home has never looked or felt better- the experience for all of us was liberating! We can’t recommend Jessica enough- our home purging was a game changer for our family!”
Catherine O
“I knew I wanted to get rid of things in my home that we no longer needed, but starting the process just felt so overwhelming. Jessica expertly guided me from feeling stuck to feeling confident to make decisions about what to keep, donate, sell, and recycle. Once she laid out all my items, it was easy to see how much stuff I didn't need! Choosing what to keep, and letting go of the rest, feels so good. I have more freedom and control, and that feels great!”
Fausta C
“Leading a busy life as a real estate agent, husband and father, I knew that our house needed major de-cluttering and re-organizing, but finding the time and energy to do it was daunting. Jessica’s systematic approach to pulling everything out, discussing its usefulness, deciding where it should live (or not!), and expertly configuring our space to accommodate our growing family was super helpful. I also know my real estate clients can benefit from the specialized services offered by Jessica and her colleagues, and I’ll definitely recommend her to others who need to feel less cluttered physically, mentally and emotionally,
Paul H
"Before Jessica and I worked together, I felt like my home was not conducive to my current life and I felt stopped by where to start the process of de-cluttering and it was getting in the way of me moving forward. With her optimistic attitude, non-judgmental manner, and intuitive sense of design and aesthetics, Jessica helped me turn my space into one that feels authentic and inspiring. This has had a huge impact on my creativity, efficiency and well-being. Jessica has a unique way of asking the right questions and reminding me of my original intentions when I got stuck in the process of letting go. She motivated me to continue and gave me "homework" that was all clearly labelled and organized so I could continue to sort and purge on my own. My home feels so much lighter, simpler and spacious now. I highly recommend working with Jessica to transform your space.”
Jennifer P
“With a busy life taking care of my home and family, I let our space get away from me. It got to the point where it seemed impossible to start any kind of de-cluttering, so it just got worse. Jessica’s caring and workable approach was amazing. We worked through the mental blocks, emotional barriers, physical limitations, and most of all, the judgment that comes with having so much stuff. I feel relieved, empowered and excited to carry on, and have been enjoying my home for the first time in a long time.”
Emma L
“As a creative professional who often works from home, I was looking for someone to help make my space more functional and inspiring. Jessica had an keen sense of how best to utilize my small space, and encouraged me to let go of the items that were holding me back and slowing me down. As hard as it was to donate and sell certain possessions, it felt great to create a working space I love! Jessica’s pragmatic yet compassionate approach helped me see a way forward, and I’m really excited to keep going.”
Peter C
New York
“As the president of a fast-growing small business, I haven’t focused on developing an organizational system that works. As we grow, I find it increasingly difficult to work effectively, without distractions. Jessica came in and, in a very short time, helped me set new systems in place. I am feeling more in control than ever before.”
Peter Donato
“Thanks to Jessica, she made a daunting project possible. I cancelled our appointment and then realized I couldn't do it alone and needed an objective 3rd party to get the job done. Any trepidation gave way to ease at tackling the tasks at hand. I am SO thankful for how Jessica took charge (the right amount) to facilitate a smooth process. What we accomplished in an afternoon would have taken me much longer! The end result is a basement that finally has order.”
Adrienne Giroux

How learning with Jessica empowered us to take positive action

"Jessica is extremely creative and optimistic with a unique knack for inspiring people to take action and get excited about what is possible in their lives.”
Stephanie Pollack
Original Appreciation Guru, Intercultural Communications Professor
“I first met Jessica accidentally on purpose and was immediately struck by her passionate commitment to sharing her story for the benefit of our students. Jessica is authentically and creatively committed to the student experience, and her energy was a welcome addition to our Forum. Our students were inspired and left feeling motivated to tackle their goals.”
Lisa Endersby
Manager, Student and Campus Life, Student Services, Seneca College
“Jessica related so well to the audience and captured the attention of each and every child. She explained, in detail, how things don’t always go as planned and how you have to pick yourself up and keep going to reach your goals. I think Kika the Upside-Down Girl will inspire many young gymnasts, and kids in general, teaching them that hard work, determination, and dedication can pay off. We felt very inspired listening to Jessica.
Gemini Gymnastics Club Parent
“Jessica Tudos’ commitment to experiential education is truly significant. She has a friendly and engaging manner when she speaks with students regarding her transition from athlete to Olympian to educator, highlighting strategies needed for overcoming challenges and moving forward after experiencing obstacles. I would recommend her as a speaker as she provides fun activities and an engaging description of her journey and life lessons.”
Kim Lang
Student Success Teacher, Sinclair Secondary School
“Jessica Tudos had a very inspirational life story to share with our Youth Leader Corps. She managed to keep her presentation both personal and informative. We were able to leave her workshop with more knowledge about making wiser choices to benefit our overall health. We were very grateful for having her speak with our group.”
Pearl Agustin
Supervisor, Child Youth and Family Programs, YMCA
"Jessica has a very warm, welcoming and accepting manner. She has excellent skills as an educator, as was able to break down complex topics down into an easy-to-understand presentation which the students could relate to, allowing them to take risks and participate fully in the program.”
Suzanne DeValk
Principal, Sunnylea Junior School
“Thank you Jessica for your visit and presentation – it was informative, lively and interactive. Our athletes left feeling motivated to work hard toward reaching their goals.”
Bassam Naim
Director, The ANB Academy
“Jessica’s presentation was clear, compelling and completely thought-provoking. Staff had the opportunity to learn about SIMPLE things to make a difference and Jessica was so creative and responsive to what our group of educators wanted to know.”
Mark Watkins
York Region District School Board