Life coaching and home organizing that declutters your mind and inspires you to take action in order to thrive.

Feeling overwhelmed or frustrated by unproductive thinking? Frustrated by physical clutter at home? Unable to take meaningful & immediate action on what matters most? 

Let’s overcome the obstacles getting in your way, create the conditions for your success using my signature T.U.D.O.S. Technique, and transform mental and physical clutter into clarity and, most importantly, action so you can thrive.

Judgement-free, action-based personalized home organizing services that optimize your physical space so you can thrive.

Personalized one-on-one life coaching to help you clear mental clutter and implement strategies to get you where you want to be. 

Online learning that transforms ideas and content into masterful projects, courses, marketing and more using the T.U.D.O.S. Technique.

Motivational speaking that inspires audiences to think differently in order to take meaningful action on what matters most.

About Jessica

Jessica Tudos (M.Ed, OCT) is an Olympian turned educator, organizer and life coach on a mission to transform mental and physical clutter into clarity and action. Drawing from her 25+ years as an edupreneur, Jessica’s expertise combines creative problem solving with strategic implementation to achieve results. Dedicated to transformative experiential learning, Jessica is a creative catalyst whose motivating energy inspires people to take action in order to thrive. Read more…