Transforming Clutter into Clarity

Welcome to your creative home!

Hi, I’m Jessica Tudos, founder of kika creative, a place where we transform clutter into clarity in order to live, learn and thrive more authentically. 

Whether it’s physical clutter at home or work, or mental clutter, that has you feeling stuck, stressed out, overwhelmed or confused, I can help remove the obstacles that hinder your progress, guide you towards taking meaningful action, and amplify the creativity, satisfaction, and joy in your life. 

Ready for a transformation? Let’s connect and make it happen!

How can I help?

Transforming Space

Clearing away physical clutter and re-designing space and belongings to create inspiring, functional and optimal space for great things to happen.

Transforming Ideas

Removing mental clutter in order to clarify ideas, build confidence, and amplify action so that more meaningful impact can be made.

About Jessica

Jessica Tudos (M.Ed, OCT) is an Olympian turned educator, organizer, facilitator and speaker on a mission to transform clutter into clarity so we can lead more meaningful lives. Drawing from her 25+ years as an experiential educator and entrepreneur, Jessica always her eye on practical implementation, and her heart in the creative problem-solving process.  Passionate about engaging people in transformative experiential learning, Jessica brings enthusiasm, pragmatism and a high dose of motivational energy to each and every collaboration. 

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