Decluttering & Downsizing During COVID

As we continue to face the challenges and uncertainty associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be considering how you truly feel about your home – the place you are likely spending A LOT of time.  

Do you feel like it’s time for a major change in how your home functions? 

Are you considering downsizing or moving to a smaller home?

Is it time to declutter and organize your home once and for all? 

Are you feeling overwhelmed and then guilty about not having done it already? 

These are all valid scenarios, and for many of us, this time of uncertainty leads to some uncomfortable emotions connected to our homes and living conditions including guilt, overwhelm, frustration and shame. 

How can we shift these emotions in order to feel more inspired, motivated, and brave?

Whether you are crystal clear about how you feel or need more time to think it through, the two scenarios and actions steps below provide actionable steps that can help you move forward. 


  1. Take a deep breath and acknowledge that this is the reality now, and it can change. 
  2. Imagine, in detail, how you would like to feel if changes were to happen in your home. Trust that you can get there. 
  3. Declutter: systematically go through the items in your home and decide – will this item serve me in the new chapter of life? Do I need/use/love it? Or as Marie Kondo suggests, “Does it bring me joy?”
  4. Donate: once you decide what is no longer needed or useful, donating them to a local charity, church, school, or business not only extends their life, but helps someone in the community.  
  5. Sell: for items that may still hold value, consider selling online. Auctions sites like or personal sites such as Facebook Marketplace are good options. To note: Selling online takes time and energy so it’s important to know you have enough of both if choosing this route. 
  6. Organize: decide on a system that works for you, your lifestyle, and your space.  Place your most used and desired items at eye level, make them easily accessible, maximize vertical space, and use a lot of hooks and hangers.
  7. If this seems too overwhelming, consider hiring professional help, we are here to assist you and to expertly navigate your transition!


  1. Imagine what your new home will look like, feel like and function. What are the major changes you want to make? What is driving this change in your living? 
  2. Take a deep breath and acknowledge that this process will take time, resources, energy and your positive attitude. It will get hectic, and then it will be done. 
  3. Plan the practicalities of the transition – timeline, support network and professional help. 
  4. Declutter your home. This is the time to decide what you would like in your life in your next home. This is the time to let go of unwanted, unused and unloved items, whether you decide to sell or donate them. Doing this work up front helps manage the move and your time at the other end. 
  5. Determine whether you will need a storage solution for this transition period. To note, sometimes putting things into storage delays inevitable decisions that need to be made about various items, while also adding to your expenses. 
  6. Trust in the process of letting go of belongings and items so that you can move forward with what is important to you now at this stage in life. 
  7. If it all seems too much, consider hiring professional help, we are here to help you expertly navigate your transition!

During this pandemic, nothing is “normal” as we know it, which can bring about anxiety, unease and guilt.

If making changes in your home helps to alleviate stress, this is your time.

These are big decisions to make, and if doing it alone seems too overwhelming, please reach out, I’m here to help.