Increase Productivity, Build Momentum & Get More Done!

You’ve got big plans, tons of great ideas, and high hopes BUT paperwork is holding you back.

It’s everywhere – on the floor, on top of your desk, in boxes and bags all over the place…

You’re wasting precious time looking for specific documents and fumbling around trying to find what you need to get things done.

It feels totally inefficient, not to mention frustrating and disappointing.

Your space feels heavy, cluttered, and chaotic, which is not conducive to you being more productive, efficient, and focused.
You tell yourself you should be dealing with this once and for all but making time to do it is a challenge. It just gets carried over to next week’s to-do list.

Besides, how would you even start purging all your paperwork?

You try to take action, by opening up a box, sorting through one pile, trying out a new organizing app, but your limited results are not enough to motivate you to keep going.
Each time you decide to give it another try, you fail, and your paperwork remains all over the place, which is just how you feel.
You know there has to be a better way.
And there is! 

Imagine feeling focused, organized and confident every time you begin to work on a task.

You know EXACTLY where to find the papers you need, and no longer waste your valuable time searching for things. You’re CLEAR about what goes where, can easily access what you need when you need it, switch tasks easily, and can manage your work efficiently.

All your paperwork has a DEDICATED place to be, and it is easy for you to follow the system.

The should’s are replaced by optimistic can do’s, and you’re ready to do your best work every day.

The system you now have in place makes it easy to focus with more intention, creativity, and confidence. Your productivity skyrockets and your feel great about the work you are doing.

So, if these sound familiar:

  • You’re frustrated by not being able to “just organize” your paperwork
  • You have no idea where to even start purging 
  • You’re worried you’ll never be able to make a lasting change
  • You feel a heavy weight on your shoulders every time you enter your workspace  
  • You’re afraid you’ll never figure it out and feel guilty forever

I can help.

When paperwork clutters up your space, it also clutters up your mind. I provide solutions that enable you to go from feeling overwhelmed by your paperwork to feeling totally in control of it.

As a result of working with me to purge your paperwork, you’ll:

  • Learn how to effectively sort, file, and let go of paperwork and increase your productivity
  • Recognize what gets in your way and implement solutions to make it easier to focus on key tasks
  • Expertly manage  paperwork so you can work with more clarity and intention.
  • Implement simple paperwork management systems so you don’t waste time
  • Reduce paperwork paralysis and deal with your paperwork once and for all so you can thrive.


1. Jump Start session (before we meet online)

Before we meet, I’ll yask for a few “before” photos (or video) of your current paperwork situation so I have a sense of your starting point. Don’t worry, NO judgment coming AT ALL! I have seen a lot, and my only goal is to help you make progress! I’ll also send a short questionnaire to better understand your current challenges, opportunities, and goals. Having this information beforehand will help us develop your Paperwork Optimization Plan (POP).

2. Take Action session (90-minute phone/video session)

In our Take Action session, we review your photos/video and feedback and focus on bridging the gap between where you are now, and where you want to be. By discussing your unique situation, you’ll see that it’s absolutely possible to purge your paperwork in order to be more productive. We’ll break down your next steps into your Paperwork Optimization Plan (POP) so you can make immediate changes. 

3. Clarity Session (30-minute follow-up online session 2 weeks later)

In our Clarity Session, we’l review your progress and “after” photos (or video), discuss any challenges, clarify any ideas, review solutions, and consider your next steps. We’ll make sure you have what you need to sustain positive momentum so you can reach your goals with more efficiency, productivity, and ease. 

Purging your paperwork will absolutely increase your productivity and efficiency so that you can thrive.

Investment: $100 USD

STEP 3: Once I receive your registration, you’ll get an email from me with your Jump Start session prep work and instructions for booking your session.
STEP 4: Before we have our first session, I’ll ask you some questions and ask for a few “before” photos. Remember, never judgement only support and action-taking!  Hit “reply” to that email with your information.  
STEP 5: Then we’ll hold your Take Action session and get you started on Purging Your Paperwork to increase productivity so you can get more done!
As a recent client shared, “By working with Jessica, I was able to organize my paperwork and my cluttered mind in order to focus. Jessica’s clear questioning and coaching helped me focus on what I wanted to accomplish and helped me create a clear path for moving forward. I went from “I wish I could” to, “I know I can” with a calm and confident attitude.”

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