Transforming Space Through Organizing

Re-imagining and designing your space are key in realizing your goals and I can help you create the inspirational & functional space you desire. 

Drawing from my experience as an educator, facilitator, and life coach, I bring a non-judgmental, encouraging, and creative problem-solving attitude to every organizing project. The actual de-cluttering and organizing are by-products of the emotional work we do together to create optimal conditions in your space for a successful spatial shift to occur. 

Align your space with your goals by following these 6 steps:

1. Imagine, in detail, your ideal space, how does it  look and feel? Write it down

2. Area by area, take out everything in that space and categorize like with like.

3. Decide what you want/need in your life now; donate/discard/recycle the rest.

4. Organize, contain & store according to your initial goal/s. Aesthetics count.

5. Assess the new systems/changes. Tweak when needed & enjoy your space!

I can help you:


Determining the right fit for you & your space


Embracing a "less is more" minimalist lifestyle


Deciding how best to link function and form


Keeping what counts, letting go of the rest


Re-imagining, designing & optimizing space


Creating a systematic approach to living freer

Have a BIG job?

I also work with the amazing Simply Home Downsizing team on larger projects with shorter timelines.

"With a busy life taking care of my home and family, I totally let our space get away from us..."

It got to the point where any kind of de-cluttering seemed overwhelming, so it just got worse. With Jessica’s caring and workable approach, we worked through my mental blocks, emotional baggage, and most of all, my judgment, to make my home enjoyable again. I’m relieved, empowered and excited to carry on.”

Emma L, Toronto