Ready to transform your physical clutter into space you absolutely love to live, work and enjoy life in?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, weighed down or constrained by how your home functions and feels, there is a solution! 

Whether you need to declutter to make room for what ‘s important now, prepare for a move, get ready to downsize, or want to enjoy your space more, I am here to help! 

Together, we can overcome the challenges of time, energy, focus and funds  and create optimal conditions for your success using my proven 5-step T.U.D.O.S. Technique:

1. T = THINK about you want to feel in your  space, how does it look. 

2. U = UNCOVER ALL that you have in category and sort like with like.

3. D = DECIDE what you want/need/love in your life now; let go of the rest.

4. O = ORGANIZE by function & use. Think about your prime real estate!

5. S = SYSTEMATIZE to maintain order. Create a home for everything.

Drawing from my experience as an educator, facilitator, and life coach, I bring a non-judgmental, encouraging, and creative problem-solving approach to every organizational collaboration. No shame, no guilt, no excuses – just intentional action one step at a time. Together. 

Transitioning to a New Home

Determining the right fit for you & your space

Minimizing What You Own

Embracing a "less is more" minimalist lifestyle

Building Organizing Systems

Implementing systems that allow you to thrive

De-cluttering What You Have

Keeping what counts, letting go of the rest

Redesigning Home Offices

Optimize your work from home space

Creating Space You Love

Linking form, function and aesthetics

"I have a busy life working, taking care of my family and managing my home. I feel so relieved after working with Jessica...

It got to the point where any kind of de-cluttering seemed overwhelming, so it just got worse. With Jessica’s caring and workable approach, we worked through my mental blocks, emotional baggage, and most of all, my judgment, to make my home enjoyable again. I’m relieved, empowered and excited to carry on.”

Emma L, Toronto