“Start What You Finish – Overcome Overwhelm & Complete Your Project Confidently”

New online course launches Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020!  Get on the early access list here.

Do you have a project in-progess that you’d like to move from stuck in park to ready to launch?

Are you wondering if your project will ever get done? Feeling defeated for not completing what you intended? Questioning your ability to follow through?  Feeling guilty about loosing focus and motivation? Nt sure where to start, in order to finish? 

If any of these ring true,  “Start What You Finish – How to Overcome Overwhelm to Complete Your Project Confidently” is the course for you!

If you know your project can make a difference for you, and for others, but are:

  • struggling to chunk down key project tasks into manageable action steps
  • lacking a strategic plan and getting distracted easily
  • losing motivation and confidence by second-guessing decisions as more time goes by
  • feeling overwhelmed by how much work is required to finish
  • feeling isolated and unsupported in your project completion journey
  • allowing guilt, perfectionism, and self-judgment to impact your ability to focus

This 4-week immersive course will teach you how to:

  • understand your “big why” and use it skillfully to guide your actions
  • overcome the obstacles that often get in the way – focus, time, strategy, fear
  • make decisions that bring you closer to your project goals
  • work efficiently so that your precious time is spent effectively
  • implement my action-by-action T.U.D.O.S. Technique masterfully
  • use time-saving shortcuts so you can complete your project sooner

And most importantly,

  • you’ll be empowered to take immediate action, transforming those feelings of guilt and frustration into confidence and pride. 

Included in the 4-week course:

  • Combination of live and recorded lessons divided into 5 units
  • Expert professional advice & guidance built on previous project completion experience
  • Experiential activities and checklists to help you complete your project sooner
  • T.U.D.O.S. Technique (Think, Uncover, Decide, Organize, Systematize) Resource Booklet
  • Access to an online Facebook learning community of like-minded people who can support your success

Course Details:  

  • Class every Tuesday Nov 3, 10, 17, 24 and Dec 1 (live Q & A). @ 7:30 p.m. EST
  • Access information TBA.
  • Cost is $297 USD