Transforming Mental Clutter into Clarity Through Coaching

Feeling overwhelmed, confused, stuck, or in need of a personal plan to get you where you want to be? If so, I help individuals and groups develop clear and compelling pathways forward through an intuitive, personalized process that will help you feel:


Drawing from over 25 years of experiential teaching, facilitating and coaching globally, my passion continues to be facilitating transformative learning that activates thoughtful reflection, practical skill-building and confident forward action. Individual clients hire me as a clarity coach in order to:  

  • Work through limiting beliefs that hold them back from going after what they want
  • Sift through the ideas swirling around in order to focus in on next steps 
  • Discuss options and game plans for making significant life transitions 
  • Provide inspiration, motivation, support and accountability 

To find out more about packages and availability, please book a clarity call or email me.

Together, we work systematically, intuitively and creatively to clarify your next steps, so you can thrive.

One-to-One Coaching

Group Coaching

Online Course

"Jessica is extremely creative and optimistic..

..with a unique knack for inspiring people to take action and get excited about what is possible in their lives.”

Stephanie Pollack, Original Appreciation Guru, Intercultural Communications Professor