I’m Jessica and I'm on a mission to...

help people transform their lives in meaningful ways through organizing and learning in order to move forward with more confidence, clarity and creativity.

Helping you clean out the clutter, in your physical space, as well as with your creative ideas, is how transformation occurs. I can help you let go of the things you don’t need – the stuff that covers up your big idea or your kitchen counter – so you can uncover the gold underneath, the stuff you absolutely do need.

Working as a portfolioist for 25+ years at the intersection of educating & organizing with kika creative, I’ve learned that collaborative problem-solving propels ideas & actions forward, and my role is to ignite the process so you can reach your goals.

As a curious and adventurous Aries soul moving freely between form and function, structure and flow, pragmatism and creativity, I know how vital it is to be intentional with time, space, money, and energy. Balancing these elements can be overwhelming, so I help people create the conditions for success.

Professional & Personal Experiences Guiding My Work ​

  • 25+ years designing & leading innovative educational initiatives worldwide: Trent, OCAD, Seneca, City of Toronto, Interlocken + more!
  • Educational Leadership M.Ed. @ McGill, Teaching & Education M.Sc. @ Niagara, Recreation Leadership B.Sc. @ Arizona State
  • 20 years sharing motivational stories with audiences 3-103 years old
  • 15 years as a portfolioist and self–employed edupreneur
  • 10 years as a post secondary professor teaching social sciences & business
  • 5 years re-designing, organizing, de-cluttering and optimizing space
  • 8 years writing about organizational educational transformations online
  • Professional training as an educator, life coach, trip leader, and organizer
  • Living, working and travelling in over 45 countries as an active global citizen
  • Representing Canada in gymnastics at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles
  • Creating, publishing and promoting a children’s book that’s sold 1500+ copies
  • Enjoying an active family life with my family in Toronto and in the Kawartha’s

I’m also an author, and my children’s book, Kika the Upside-Down Girl, not only inspires children to embrace their differences and boldly live out their dreams, it is a testament to the way I do business.

As an Olympic gymnast in my youth, I knew I had a compelling story to share and decided to write, design, crowdfund, publish, promote and sell Kika the Upside-down Girl on my own.

With vision, determination, and creativity, as well as the ability to get past the many challenging steps required, is what facilitated success. Helping you succeed is my ultimate goal.