Want to Flourish at Home This Fall?

Wind rustling more? Check. Cooler temperatures ? Oh, yes. More yellow, orange, and red leaves? Absolutely.  Pumpkin spice lattes? Yummm.

Fall’s emergence is hard to miss and for me, it’s always felt more like the new year than January.

Fall is a time to start fresh, replenish and plan. Do you feel that way too?

For many of us, it’s also back to school season. As an educator and now parent, fall has always represented a shift into learning and structure, two of my favourite things!

Whether or not you have children attending school, it seems like society pivots into this new way of being, even in a pandemic.

In Chinese philosophy, fall is represented by the earth element (the others are wood, fire, metal, and water). It’s a critical hinge point, when the outward yang of spring and summer transition to the internalizing yin of fall and winter. 

Given that this powerful transformational shift is happening, here are 3 ways we can all flourish this fall!

1. MINDSET SHIFT – 3 + 2 + 1 list 

Transitions can be exhilarating…and challenging. While they offer us new opportunities to grow and learn, transitions also threaten our feelings of safety and security. During these uncertain times, feeling grounded can be especially hard.

By accepting the idea that we’re always in a state of transformation, fall is a great time to think about our goals and desires, while also recognizing that we are all a work in progress. 


Every fall I like to write out 3 things I’d like to grow/work on/develop/explore before the end of the year, 2 things that are likely to get in my way, and the best way I can manage those challenges. This technique really helps guide meaningful action that helps us reach our goals.  

2. CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES SHIFT – Decisions Before Storage   

One thing I love about fall is wearing layers. Yoga pants, hoodies, socks and shoes all equal comfort! As hard as it can be to let go of sandals, swimsuits and sunscreen (the last one not so much), the cosiness of fall clothing allows me to shift more easily into the season. 

Before putting away my summer clothes and placing my fall clothes front and centre, I systematically sort both types, letting go of items that I don’t like, need or wear. 

Why store what no longer has purpose or makes you feel good?!

In terms of easy access to fall jackets, gloves, hats and scarves, I place them where I enter and exit my home, allowing me to create a welcoming and practical space for our fall lifestyle. It’s important to enjoy this process as it gives us a chance to reflect on a summer gone by, and also imagine what new opportunities may emerge this fall.


Before you put away your summer items to make room for fall items, hold up each item and ask yourself if you like/wear/need the item? Trust your gut to reveal the answer, and then take action on your decision. Thanks to Marie Kondo for the inspiration!

3. HOME SHIFT – 3 for 3 Comforts 

Indoors and out, your home is where you likely spend a lot of time, especially now. With the emergence of fall, our natural tendancy is to stay in bed a little longer (if we can!), cuddle up on the couch more, and create feelings of comfort, safety and joy. 

For many of us, intentional decluttering helps us create more space, freedom, and ease. Fall is a great time to commit to clearing clutter so you can thrive in your space.

Whether switching up your décor, creating comfy ambience, or making room for healthy food and beverages in your kitchen, decluttering and organizing your home so that you love being in it, is one of the best ways to move through this fall transition.


What are the top three places at home you spend time in during fall?

Think about three changes you could make in each space that address both form (how it looks and feels) and function (how practical it is). 

Imagine the school bell is ringing and your teacher is calling you into the class of life, asking, “How will you flourish this fall?” What will you say? What will you do?

Fall offers us many new possibilities – which will you choose to focus on? 

If you would like help flourishing this fall, I’m here to help.

Call me at 416.530.5853, or email me. I truly love fall and hope you will too!