Coach Declutter To The Rescue!

Oh what fun it is to take on so many different roles within an organizing  job!

“Professional Organizer” is often the term I use at the onset of a new organizing project, but in reality, there are many more roles that could be included in my job description.

Here are my top ten organizing roles:

  1. Coach: warm up by discussing, practice by sorting & de-cluttering, and compete by deciding.
  2. Counsellor: advise on the best ways to move forward in regards to space, stuff and life.
  3. Mediator: help ease the stress of differences in opinion – not all stakeholders think alike.
  4. Confidante; listen, without judgment, to your personal stories & organizing challenges.
  5. Cheerleader: say “go for it 100%” and do a dance when you’re close to making big changes.
  6. Sounding Board: listen and offer advice if and when you need it most. Deciding can be hard.
  7. Designer: make your space more functional, workable and appealing so you can thrive.
  8. Budgeting Consultant: help you make the most of your financial investment in the process.
  9. Storage Specialist: present options that can maximize storage you have and create more!
  10. Visionary: see the potential in organizing space and stuff to ensure you live with more ease.

There’s one more role to include, both for organizers and clients, and that’s the role of superhero!

As a client said recently, “without you leading the charge, I would never have been able to do this – too overwhelming, too scary, and way too many decisions to make.” It’s a privilege and responsibility to take on any and all of the organizing roles above, and a great feeling when you all feel like superheroes.

Your feedback, comments or suggestions are always welcome below or email me to learn more.