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Hi, I’m Jessica Tudos, founder of kika creative, a place for inspiration, ideas & practical approaches to transform how you live, learn and thrive.

I help you amplify your creativity, authenticity and satisfaction in life through hands-on practical organizing, innovative teaching and inspirational motivational speaking,  I look forward to connecting with you!

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Transforming Space

Re-designing, de-cluttering and organizing space and belongings, to create inspiring, functional space for great things to happen.

Transforming Ideas

Shifting how we think, react, communicate and learn in order to make more meaningful and sustainable impact in the world.

About Jessica

Jessica Tudos (M.Ed, OCT) is an Olympian turned educator, organizer, and speaker on a mission to transform how we live, learn, and thrive. Through experiential learning, hands-on organizing and inspirational idea generation, Jessica helps people lead happier lives full of confidence and creativity.

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